Leasing & Equipment Returns

Chances are you lease your IT assets for the convenience and value. But if not handled properly at the end of lease, you could lose value and incur fees. ReturnCenter makes it easy to get the right leased assets back on time to your lessor. We ensure you meet the return deadline to avoid late fees with timely pickup, a visible chain of custody and proven delivery.

We can help you avoid penalties for missing, wrong and damaged assets too with a trained onsite crew who knows how to inventory and pack appropriately to minimize the risk of damage in transit that could result in fees. This network of local partners is available in every zip code and you can easily schedule your services in ReturnCenter to fit your needs. Most popular service types include:

  • Packed pallet pickup – Our most basic service. Use when you’ve already packed the assets yourself.
  • Pack and pickup – The most popular service that handles all your packing and palletizing to ensure assets are handled with care.
  • Tag, pack and pickup – The most comprehensive service that does all of the above, and also applies asset-level tags to ensure everything that is picked up is delivered to its destination.

Plus, every ReturnCenter transport ensures end-to-end accountability with signed proof of pickup and signed proof of delivery. And every transport scheduled on ReturnCenter is carbon neutral with full offset reporting available.

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When you need to ship office or computer equipment back to a leasing company, make it simple and on-time with ReturnCenter.