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ReturnCenter is a website through which companies can ship I.T., medical and office equipment such as copiers and printers. It is commonly used for lease returns.

At ReturnCenter, customers can log on, select the type of equipment that needs to be shipped, choose pickup dates and service levels, make a payment -- and they're done. Behind the ReturnCenter site is a technology engine that secures qualified logistics companies at volume-based prices, determines efficient routing, provides customized packaging materials and labels and deploys trained professionals to pack onsite and transport.

The site provides real-time tracking, confirms delivery at the destination, facilitates condition assessments and provides management reports for reconciling and confirming project completion. Information is visible real-time by both lessor and lessee, thereby reducing or eliminating discrepancies and errors.

ReturnCenter is a licensed freight broker that arranges shipping through preferred logistics providers that are specialized in the class of equipment they handle. For example, service providers moving office equipment like copiers and multi-function printers (MFPs) wrap and strap assets to protect them, and only use air-ride trailers for transport. Providers who pack and ship IT equipment come onsite prepared with pallets, shrink-wrap and all the packaging required by our strict Standard Operating Procedures.

ReturnCenter is used by virtually every party involved with leased technology returns: lessors, lessees, copier dealers, VARs, original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and equipment remarketers.

Through nearly ten years of working with OEMs and leasing companies, ReturnCenter's online logistics system has been used to ship over half a billion pounds of used electronics!

Company History

ReturnCenter's online systems have revolutionized the way equipment users ship equipment in "reverse" through the supply chain. Whether returning equipment to a lessor at the end of a lease, shipping to a recycling facility at end of life, or redeploying assets to another location at the end of a mission -- ReturnCenter's systems facilitate moving used equipment with the convenience, tracking and cost-effectiveness normally associated with "forward logistics."

ReturnCenter is a OnePak company. OnePak began in the early 2000s when the Company's founder, Steve Andon, needed to ship a few used computers after he sold his first company. The original idea was to manufacture and distribute shipping supply "kits" to people like him who were selling used equipment online through websites like eBay®. Upon test marketing this concept, he was met with an unexpected demand when some very large companies asked if he could supply their customers with his custom-fit kits for shipping back used laptops, PCs, printers and monitors. And OnePak was born.

Along the way the OnePak team realized that shipping a few assets at a time to recyclers was just the tip of the takeback iceberg. So the company built a whole technology engine under the surface, which became ReturnCenter. Customers still saw a simple, easy-to-use website, but behind it OnePak created a powerful engine to provide visibility and accountability for shipping everything from a single laptop to a single copier to pallets of IT assets to truckloads of electronics of all kinds.

What began as a simple business selling customized packaging materials on demand and online has evolved into a company that provides full-fledged logistics systems that help manage and track shipping millions of pounds of all kinds of assets for all kinds of reasons.

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