Asset Recovery & Relocation

ReturnCenter's proprietary logistics systems makes it easy for companies to ship their assets from anywhere to anywhere in the contiguous USA. Simply log on, describe the assets that need to be shipped, select pickup dates and service levels, make payment - and you're done.

ReturnCenter's technology engine accesses the best logistics services at the best prices, determines efficient routing, arranges for delivery of customized packaging materials or deployment of trained professionals to pack onsite and transport.

This service provides real-time tracking, confirms delivery at the destination, coordinates condition assessments, and provides management reports for reconciling and confirming project completion. Professional asset handlers will inventory and pack equipment onsite. They are trained to follow strict Standard Operating Procedures for packing I.T. assets, copiers, medical equipment and other common equipment types.


There are inherent risks of damage or loss when moving technology assets. Packing and shipping copiers, medical or computer equipment requires special skills and care. You need to be sure the same care is taken to move assets across the country as you would take to move them down the hall. Our online logistics systems enable you to book your pickup and track your assets in real time.

Corporate Shipping Center

Imagine one place online that your whole company can access standardized pack & ship logistics services, track shipments, and manage shipping costs. This solution can be configured with a range of options for your company to coordinate its shipments of technology assets for repair, relocation, end of lease or end of life.

Your asset managers can control hierarchical authority with varying levels of access for administrators, initiators and viewers within a single account. Benefit from ReturnCenter's national volume-based logistics rates and our years of experience packing and shipping technology assets, including I.T., copiers, medical and other common tech assets.