Lease Return Logistics

ReturnCenter is a website for managing lease returns. Similar to a travel website through which you can book flights and hotels or rent cars, ReturnCenter enables you to ship equipment to leasing companies, remarketers, recyclers or any other location.

Any size, any quantity

ReturnCenter has a long history of shipping computers and office equipment (like copiers) as well as medical equipment. One unique feature of the site is to accommodate small items like handhelds or laptops with right-sized shipping kits and prepaid UPS labels sent right to the customer so they can ship just a few small items when needed.

ReturnCenter can also be used to ship a thousand PCs, an entire data center, or a truckload of copiers. Our high volumes enable us to offer low prices with only proven, reliable logistics providers. Our professional crews come onsite to properly pack and pick up equipment. You get proof of pickup and proof of delivery and real-time tracking online throughout.

Lessees and Lessors

As an independent website, ReturnCenter enables leasing companies (lessors) to generate and track return authorizations (RAs) for their equipment. RAs are emailed from ReturnCenter to customers (or dealers/VARS) with a link. When customers click through to ReturnCenter, all their lease and equipment information is pre-loaded for quick confirmation. From there they can schedule a pickup and book logistics to the destination prescribed by the lessor.

For lessees, ReturnCenter makes lease returns quick and easy without the burden of getting multiple quotes and without the uncertainties of using unfamiliar logistics providers. Because lease returns constitute the majority of shipments booked through ReturnCenter, our standardized processes and proven partners make a traditionally stressful task worry-free.

For lessors, ReturnCenter provides a single online interface to generate, track and manage lease returns with full transparency and reporting. This solution has already been deployed by leading lessors in the technology space. ReturnCenter can be loaded with the lessor's business rules and integrated to their lease management system for a seamless data flow in which both systems are routinely updated by the other.

For many leasing companies, developing systems to manage the end-of-lease process has been a low priority and presents a 'black hole' of information. The result is wasted staff time and effort, frustrated customers, and unnecessary claims for missing, wrong and damaged equipment. ReturnCenter provides visibility and accountability both internally among staff and externally among customers, dealers, logistics providers and remarketers. Customers are happier, staff are more efficient, the right equipment arrives in better shape, and your relationships with remarketers are less stressful and more profitable.